New OSU Football Tradition: Are You Ready for Some Football?

I know, I know OSU football has NOTHING to do with Columbus real estate, minus the fact that if you want to not sound like a total outcast around the water cooler you need to know the basics about Ohio State, and especially OSU football. But if you are new to Columbus and want to sound smart come Friday, check out this new OSU tradition that includes some exercises sure to get your blood pumping.  Check out the video around 1:35 to see Brutus attempting the new high energy drill.  Urban says the drill will be done after warmups on the South end of the stadium.


And here is an OSU overview for my readers who are new to the capital city of Ohio, Columbus.


Revered OSU Football Traditions

Brutus Buckeye –
 Yes he is a nut and he is the OSU school mascot.

osu traditionScript Ohio – At the start of every single game, the Ohio State marching band spells out the word “Ohio” in what is known as “Script Ohio.” This tradition has lasted from the beginning, and while the drum major typically dots the “I,” many famous Buckeyes have had the honor including John Glenn, Jack Nicklaus, Woody Hayes and most recently Lex Wexner and Dr. Jon R. Woods in his last home game that he directed the marching band.

Block O – OSU’s student organization on campus that  starts cheers, spreads spirit and performs card stunts at games.

Carmen Ohio – OSU’s alma mater and after every home game the football players go to the band and sing along to Carmen Ohio.

O-H-I-O Chant – This shows up a couple of different ways during home games, either West/East sides of the stadium cheering of O-H/I-O respectively, or S-W-N-E sides shouting O-H-I-O in order. One of my favorite cheers.

The Michigan Game – OSU’s #1 rival is University of Michigan, lovely referred to as the “School up North” and named one of the greatest rivalries in college football.

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  1. Allison

    Script Ohio isn’t actually at the beginning of every single game. It is something at halftime, sometimes at postgame and sometimes (rare these days, but more common my first couple of years in the band) not at all. And, really, the sousaphone player dots the i–the drum major just shows him where to do it 🙂

    Love the video of the quick cals–will be interested to see it in practice tomorrow! Go Bucks!

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