5 Tips to Make Your House Smell Good for a Showing

Sellers take these 5 tips to make your house smell good for a showing and I promise that smell will NOT be the reason people don’t buy your house.  Nothing beats walking into a house that smells horrible. I’ve had clients walk right out the door after smelling odd, even noxious smells like pet odor, mildew, even artificial candles or plug-ins that just overpower the room.  On the other hand, I’ve seen folks feel invited and welcome into a home that smells amazing.  Each person has their ideas on what smells good but I think with these 5 ideas you are sure to win over the majority of buyers!

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1. Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Now don’t go spending a lot of time, just go buy the Pillsbury type in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, and for an even better tip, leave them out of the Buyers with a couple bottles of water!  I assure you they will like you, and maybe even your house.

2. Fresh Flowers.

 Buy a couple bouquets of  a fresh, fragrant flower and sprinkle them in vases throughout the house. This works double duty because it looks nice too!

3. Use Your Oven.

Throw together some cinnamon, cloves, an apple sliced up, and put in on high for an hour on a low heat. You will have the smell of apple pie throughout your house.

4. Orange Peels.

Have you ever had a stinky smell you couldn’t get rid of down your kitchen drain? Throw some cut up orange peels with hot water, and turn on your garbage disposal for the smell of clean in your kitchen.

5. Essential Oils.

Using essential oil sparingly around the house is another great option. Find oils that aren’t too strong like lavender, eucalyptus  or grapefruit and put a few drops on cotton balls and hide in places like an open trashcan, bathroom drawer or other hidden places.  Just be careful not to use too much, otherwise the smell will be over powering and turn people off.

Good Rule to Follow

With any of these suggestions to making your house smell good, please be careful not to overwhelm Buyers with smells. A lot of people hate fragrance, I’ve even had clients allergic to smells like vanilla.  It needs to be subtle, not overpowering, otherwise Buyers can be weary that the Sellers are trying to hide a bad smell.

 Shanna Lafontaine is a Realtor with RE/MAX Affiliates who works Metro Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, Powell, Worthington, Westerville, Delaware and surrounding Central Ohio areas helping both Buyers and Sellers.

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