Helping Kids Deal with a Move

I read a really nice article today called, 5 Ways to Make Moving and Packing Fun For the Kids and it got me thinking to the emotional side of moving for everyone involved, but mostly the kids. The little people in our lives that don’t have a say in their moving.  While the article doesn’t actually address the emotional stresses that go with a move, I think it is important to realize that allowing young children and I even more so with the more difficult older children time to process and deal with their feelings is important.

I’ve seen parents who home search without even telling their kids, only telling them after they’ve bought the house and are about to move. While I’m no child psychologist, I think this is a bad idea. I know if my parents would have done that, I’d have been really stressed out and felt left out.  I think it is important to dialogue with our children, even the young ones, so they are semi prepared.  How would you like your boss at work to surprise you with a new job, or moving from one part of town to the other without more than a few days notice? I think the average person wouldn’t adjust well.  Even with notice, some might struggle.  I think kids are the same, they need time to adjust and more to terms with change.

moving with kids

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Maybe by using a few of the ideas that the author, Casey Haslem has in her article, might allow children to feel part of the process and a bit more in control.  Who doesn’t want to play a “game” versus working, or looking at it as having to get rid of all our stuff. Just today I made my young daughter, an active part in my cleaning up my office, by having her with her clipboard “write” everything I cleaned. I tried to include her in the process, versus making it a boring, negative thing we were forced to do. It made things go more smoothly and she left like she was having fun.

Change, that word people  associate to negativity can be turned into a non event for the children and young adults in our lives.

 Shanna Lafontaine is a Realtor with RE/MAX Affiliates who works Metro Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, Powell, Worthington, Westerville, Delaware and surrounding Central Ohio areas helping both Buyers and Sellers.

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