Why HGTV Isn’t Reality

HGTV may be considered reality television, but I can tell you right now, HGTV isn’t reality.

HGTV shows aren't real

HGTV can be great for gathering remodeling tips, design and style ideas, but please don’t watch their shows and imagine that real estate in Columbus, Ohio is like real estate on HGTV.

First off, real estate is local. We do real estate in Central Ohio, different than real estate in Indiana, California or even Cleveland, Ohio. A lot of the shows on

HGTV are set in Canada. I don’t know much about Canada real estate but I guarantee there are a lot of difference. There are real estate practices on HGTV of negotiating or contracts that I’ve never in 12 years of business seen done in our market.

These shows are also set on a ridiculous timeline. I don’t know if it is true, but I’ve heard the home selling shows are actually filmed AFTER the homeowners have found the house their buying, or even after they’ve purchased the home. Of course, they aren’t going to act the same walking through homes for purchase, after they’ve already found their new house. Or, be angry at their Realtor for showing them a house $100,000 more than they can afford as one of their three choices. What Realtor does that???? (If your Realtor does this, find a new one)

Why HGTV isn't Reality

Another thing that drives me nuts, is the home remodel shows or the shows set to help someone to sell their house by updating the home. When the updates cost literally 1/3 of what it would really cost to update or upgrade your house, I can’t help but feel frustrated. I feel that these shows give people unrealistic expectations of what they can do with their money and what it should cost to update a home.

The bottom line is that HGTV isn’t reality. It is entertainment, just like watching a football game, or Duck Dynasty, or even The Learning Channel. Take what you can from it, but don’t plan your home buying or home selling and mimic the TV show.Shanna Lafontaine is a Realtor with RE/MAX Affiliates who works Metro Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, Powell, Worthington, Westerville, Delaware and surrounding Central Ohio areas helping both Buyers and Sellers.

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