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Looking for a new home under construction? Or planning on building from scratch with a custom builder?  Either way you should work with a Realtor who can adequately represent you.

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A Realtor’s fee is paid by the builder typically as part of their expected marketing expenses. In fact, almost all builders encourage their prospective clients to work with a Realtor. It makes their life easier working with a professional who ‘knows the ropes’ and eases the path into that new home for you. Builders will tell you, they would not do most of their business if it was not for the Realtors that bring in clients.

If you are searching for a new home or thinking of building, contact me today. We will search all new builds and properties under construction in the area to help you find the home of your dreams.  

Top Reasons to use a Buyer’s Agent

The sales person in a model represents the home builder not you, the consumer. As I said above, the costs associated with using a Realtor are built- in marketing costs for the builder. You pay nothing extra and you save nothing if you do not have representation. The salesperson is trying to get the builder the highest price and are not looking out for your best interest and trying to you the lowest and best price. 

Sales reps in builder’s models are generally not licensed. They are sales rep, not construction in columbus ohio

I can provide you with my knowledge of the resale market and help to make sure that you have a home that will fit to the largest resale market so if and when you sell I will be able to get the most return on your money.  I will help you through every step of the building process to make sure you aren’t only thinking about what you want, but what the majority of buyers would want and expect in the same home. This can be critical for resale because people often only think about what they want or don’t want and don’t look at the big picture, a house as a big investment.  

If there are problems along the way in the building process, I will be there to help navigate and negotiate for you. You need someone who is in your side of the table, fighting for YOU!

 Shanna Lafontaine is a Realtor with RE/MAX Affiliates who works Metro Columbus, Dublin, Hilliard, Powell, Worthington, Westerville, Delaware and surrounding Central Ohio areas helping both Buyers and Sellers.

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