Preparing for a Great Appraisal

When selling your home one of the  last but important steps before closing is the appraisal. When trying to sell for it is important that your home shows its value and appraises for top dollar.  Without a good appraisal your buyer can’t get a loan. When preparing for a great appraisal your home needs to show just as...

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6 Tips for Creating Curb Appeal with Landscaping

Sure, you’ve heard about curb appeal on your favorite DIY or home improvement show, but how can you make your home more appealing and inviting without the help of a TV show host to do everything for you?  Curb appeal refers to the overall appeal of your home’s exterior, including paint, siding, and landscaping. All of...

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To Decorate for the Holidays or Not

Your house is on the market and it is time for the holiday season.  Do you decorate? Realtors have different opinions, but I feel like a festive home shows better.  The short answer: decorate but with limits. If your Christmas tree going up makes your living room feel small, try to remove some furniture to keep the room...

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Curb Appeal, Small Changes = Big Appeal

Curb appeal has become a common conversation among home owners and real estate agents over the last several years. Increasing your curb appeal is all about creating a home that naturally invites people to come inside. Any home owner or investor can achieve curb appeal by making small changes around the home. With that being...

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Helping Kids Deal with a Move

I read a really nice article today called, 5 Ways to Make Moving and Packing Fun For the Kids and it got me thinking to the emotional side of moving for everyone involved, but mostly the kids. The little people in our lives that don’t have a say in their moving.  While the article doesn’t actually address the...

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5 Tips to Make Your House Smell Good for a Showing

Sellers take these 5 tips to make your house smell good for a showing and I promise that smell will NOT be the reason people don’t buy your house.  Nothing beats walking into a house that smells horrible. I’ve had clients walk right out the door after smelling odd, even noxious smells like pet odor, mildew,...

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