Columbus Real Estate Market News September 2013

  Housing demand remains high in central Ohio! September home sales were 13.1 percent higher than last year demonstrating that housing demand in the Columbus region continues to remain strong. Sales for residential homes and...

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Why HGTV Isn’t Reality

HGTV may be considered reality television, but I can tell you right now, HGTV isn’t reality. HGTV can be great for gathering remodeling tips, design and style ideas, but please don’t watch their shows and...

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Curb Appeal, Small Changes = Big Appeal

Curb appeal has become a common conversation among home owners and real estate agents over the last several years. Increasing your curb appeal is all about creating a home that naturally invites people to come inside. Any home...

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Columbus Real Estate Market News August 2013

  Columbus region home sales highest – ever! Central Ohio home sales hit a new apex this summer and now stand at their highest point on record. The 18,834 homes sold as of Aug. 31 were 22.9 percent higher than the number...

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Why Buying a House Now, May Make More Sense

When should a buy a house? You have nine months left on your lease, and a year on your car loan so you’ve decided to wait six months to start looking for a home until Spring of next year. Sound familiar? You have about 5%...

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Helping Kids Deal with a Move

I read a really nice article today called, 5 Ways to Make Moving and Packing Fun For the Kids and it got me thinking to the emotional side of moving for everyone involved, but mostly the kids. The little people in our lives that...

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Columbus Real Estate Market News March 2013

Multiple offers, rising housing prices, sounds like the market has shifted and we are seeing a Sellers’ market. Inventory is low, if you are thinking about selling, now is the time to do it! Housing activity strong in the...

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5 Tips to Make Your House Smell Good for a Showing

Sellers take these 5 tips to make your house smell good for a showing and I promise that smell will NOT be the reason people don’t buy your house.  Nothing beats walking into a house that smells horrible. I’ve had...

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